Brand Development & Corporate Identity

Your logo is to your business what your face is to you. It is how you are recognised. It reflects your personality, or in the case of business, your values and principles. Is your look in need of an update? For further details on how we can help you present your best face to the world, contact us here

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Web Design & Construction

At Bright Blue C we demystify the technical aspects of websites, and focus on the web user. Whether you are a site visitor or content manager, your site needs to be easy to navigate, visually appealing and part of your overall marketing strategy. Our technical team is focused on developing innovative, informative and entertaining sites that are easy to navigate. For more information on web design & construction, contact us here

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Strategic Marketing

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Need something more than just good design? In addition to our design credentials, BrightBlue C offers strategic marketing, campaign and media planning services. If you are considering getting serious about marketing your business, there are a number of issues to consider. For further details on how we can help you get serious, contact us here

Design Solutions for Print

Brochures, Annual Reports, Newsletters, Flyers, Stationery, Posters, Signage, Promotional Cards, Labels, Books, Catalogues, Calendars and Magnets... There are hundreds of design and print solutions for any project, the key is bringing the elements all together and keeping it relevant. Regardless of whether your budget is large or small, we provide the right design solutions, on time, on budget and on target. For a quote, or to find out more, contact us here

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Print, Press, Outdoor, Radio, Television, Exhibitions & Photography. These are the vehicles for your message, but advertising is so much more... Do you require a branding, educational or retail campaign? Are you promoting a product or service? What is your product lifecycle? Who is your target audience? What do we know about them? How best to reach them? We take the answers to all these questions, and develop a creative advertising campaign that ticks all the boxes. Need to talk more about your advertising requirements, contact us here