Digital Marketing by Adelene Tue 15 Oct

Role of social media
The business world has evolved and so is the way we do things, with traditional media becoming less popular and digital marketing becoming the norm. 68% of people between 15-65 are smartphone users, which is why it’s critical to target this growing populous and get your business noticed via online channels. The beauty of this is researching the various technologies available and pin pointing which works best with your business, such as social media outlets. For example, most businesses, which vary in nature (beauty, health, marketing, car dealerships, builders etc) will understand the importance of a Facebook page to connect directly with their customers and continue to build relationships with them after they have been introduced to your business. Why do we do this and why is it important? To inform, persuade and remind customers about your business, to keep it top of mind = repeat & more frequent purchases = more profit. Of course there are many more social media channels to utilise – such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Flikr, and Wordpress to name a few. It’s not about using all of these, as this can be time consuming and ineffective, but choosing which ones work and maintaining it. 

Being effective
To use social media effectively, link it to your company website (i.e. links to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog) pages to assist in directing customers to your other online channels, and encouraging them to ‘like’ your page and receive updates from your business. In doing this, you increase the frequency in which they see what you put on social media. It’s all about increasing your exposure and forming a voice for your brand.

So, what exactly is the advantage of this? Firstly, it’s free - so it’s highly cost effective, and immediate. You gain exposure quickly and customers that ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your post will allow your company to have this post exposed on your customers timelines, which is creating exposure for your brand.

Basically it’s about interacting with your customers to create dialogue, and learn more about what they like and how to gain exposure i.e. Simply by posting humorous or high quality photos relating to your business will help exposure yourself in a non-obvious way. Words can be overrated and too obvious, where as images can speak a thousand words.

So how many times should this be updated? The trick is to update anywhere between 1-4 times per week, depending on the nature of your business. Too much frequency and exposure will have a negative effect, and customers will be drowned out by your messages, which may become ‘white noise’. Bombarding them with messages in any medium becomes repetitive and the message is essentially lost. So choosing what to post and when, is key. For example, 37% of smartphone users check their social media in the mornings and 53% after work in the evening and 42% will use it before they go to bed. So, choose the high frequent times may work as a way of gaining exposure and getting your message out there.

Last word
Create, monitor and maintain an online profile for your company in the online world to create a digital platform to communicate to your consumers. This is a way of directly choosing exactly what you want to say to your audience, and building your brand identity. Try it, it’s free.

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