Drum Roll Please- Generation Y and their Impact on the Workplace by Adelene Thu 09 Jun

Generation Y, the subculture who has just hit 30 are the cause of much attention to the workplace, for employers in particular.These 20-something individuals are innovative, tech-savvy, value flexibility and are the most likely subculture to ask for a pay rise.

Employers are now adapting to their values in order to keep their Gen Y employees for longer periods of time. Bosses are now going as far as re-decorating their entire offices to suit the trends of Gen Y, along introducing a range of workplace activities to create a workplace worthy of the subculture.

Adapting to different techniques are a must in the workplace, notice boards are now being replaced with viral text messages, as this is the only way to ensure everyone will read the message.

Their faded line between work and home will call on employees to change their office habits for good.Working from home, and introducing fun office activities are a few adaptations that need to be made.

What can employers do? Adapt, one size does not fit all in the workplace environment and there must be a flexible approach to this new generation.
Understand the values of this generation and focus what they can give back to your company.

Overall, speak to them in a language they can understand, they will value you for it and will flourish in their workplace.

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