New Years Resolutions by Adelene Mon 20 Jan

Happy New Year all! What was your NY resolution?

Perhaps to work harder, or work smarter? Relax more, enjoy the simple things in life, vacation, pay off debts, be less materialistic?

Here at BBC we are always up for a challenge, dry February anyone? (Let’s hope it’s a leap year when I finally take up that challenge), so we set our own NY resolutions.

Here were ours:
1. Read more books (paperbacks, please)
2. Get off our phones – engage with the people we are with, not with our screens
3. Get off Facebook at work
4. Be healthier and more active
5. Take time out to relax
6. Learn a language (it’s never too late)

But in all seriousness; as January rolls over to February, we look at what goals we have set (if any at all) and how far we have come in attempting to accomplish them.

But after taking a look at TED, I came across this article and was inspired by their perspective. TED’s resolutions were:

1. Make time to make art
2. Take charge of your love life
3. Walk more, sit less
4. Practice gratefulness daily
5. Ask for what you want
6. Allow yourself time to meet your goals
7. See your fears as an act of the imagination
8. Read books that challenge your perspective and beliefs
9. Make your stress work for you instead of against you
10. Take breaks for your devices

So I wonder if we made the right resolutions, and if perhaps we could adapt some of their ideas to make this year one of the best yet.

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