What are Style Guides and how do I use them? by Adelene Tue 09 Jul

Style guides are vital for companies and graphic designers as a tool to create a level of consistency between the marketing materials a company has internally and externally. 

We create these for our clients when we develop a logo and brand mark on their behalf, to set the standard and style of the design that is the identity of their company.

A style guide is created and closely aligned with a company’s logo, which is of course the identity and ‘face’ of their brand.

Consistency is key in communicating a message to clients and really developing your brand, ensuring you are creating a standard that needs to be met every time material is developed with a company’s logo.

Investing in a style guide is a fantastic way to save time, money and effort, as it eliminates the need for training in the ‘standards’ of how a company sets out their material.

These guidelines are used to provide designers and clients with core information regarding their branding, such as the font of their logo, email and text font and the SPOT and CMYK colours that make up their brand mark.

This sets the standards for graphic designers and employees who create forms, letters, send emails and create various marketing material on a company’s behalf.

Therefore, if utilised, a style guide will emphasise how professional a business is, which is a great way to enhance the image of a company, and inform all current and future employees and stakeholders of the company’s standards.

Above all else, it is ensuring that a brand is marketed consistently and in an appropriate manner. 

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