Future Proofing Your Website by Matt Wed 09 Feb

When embarking upon new web projects with clients we always endevour to design and build their sites with future proofing in mind.

Essentially this means making sure everything we can do at the start of the project will last and be relevant as long as possible.

With the rapid pace in the development of technology across many different areas this is no easy feat and needs to be carefully considered.

Some of the main areas we focus on are:


By keeping the design and layout of sites simple yet effective, we attempt to avoid the look of the site rapidly dating.

Avoiding trends and heavily stylised aesthetics is paramount in helping us achieve this.

A site that is heavily stylised may look great today, but how will that same design look 1 year down the track when the client still expects their site to engage visitors?

Web Standards

Web standards is basically “the trend of endorsing a set of standardized best practices for building web sites, and a philosophy of web design and development that includes those methods”.

When we develop the code of our sites we attempt to adhere to web standards wherever possible. This ensures that the technology used is available to as many visitors as possible and we can easily adapt it to keep up with any developments.

We are currently utilising the latest in technology, that adheres to web standards, with HTML 5 and CSS 3. We also use these new technologies in such a way that visitors on older computers or browsers will have the site degrade gracefully, and still have as much functionality as possible available to them.

Content Management Systems

For many of our clients with websites that require regular updates to content, we build their sites upon a robust and world renowned Content Management System.

This enables us to separate the content from the form. By doing this if the client turns to us 5 or 10 years down the track (with potentially thousands of pieces of content) and wants their site redesigned, we have the ability to simply redesign the core pages or style files and the content is automatically pulled into the new design. This can save a significant amount of money when compared to a total site rebuild.

Lasting Relationships

Due to the nature of our industry we always endeavour to build lasting relationships with our clients. By creating products that stand the test of time, we feel it benefits both our business and the client.

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